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I'm madly in love with the Beatles. So as you already noticed I post a lot about them. You will also find posts related to 50's-80's fashion and culture. You can read more about me in my 'about me' page and personal tag. And please talk to me, I'm always looking for some new friends. Also, I changed my url. Previous url - banananatree. Love♥
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Favourite Beatle girl and why

Pattie. She is my favourite since I got into the Beatles. At first I liked her, because she is extremely pretty and cute (and my favourite beatle’s wife). But then I realized that she is a really nice person as well. I adore her. Such a strong woman. 

Beatle girl crush

It’s a similar question >< So second is Linda, I guess. Or Mo or Jane… ugh Idk. 

Favourite Beatle era

I don’t have one absolutely favourite, it depends on my mood. So now my favourite is 1963-66 

What other bands do you like?

I like MANY other bands. For example: Queen, the Doors, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana. 

Are you a Sherlockian, Whovian and other?

I’m not into those fandoms, but I love supernatural. 

Your opinion on Revolution 9

I feel like it’s a horror movie soundtrack.. 

Do you like George’s songs: “Within Without You”, “Blue Jay Way” and “Love You To”?

THEY R FEW OF MY FAVOURITES actually. I really like them. 

Your opinion on Ringo singing

Any bad habits/addictions?

You’ll be disapointed now. And you won’t like me so. Idk - smoking, cutting, eating at nights. These are the biggest ones. 

Make a perfect band: choose two favourite guitarists, one singer, one drummer and one bassist.

omg this one is interesting

Guitarists - Brian May and George Harrison (uhh i want Jimmy Page too) 

singer - Freddie Mercury

Drummer - Ringo

Bassist - Paul McCartney

Some favourite songs not by Beatles

SOOO MANY. Ok so few. 

Snow (RHCP), Wonderwall, In the lap of the gods, Beautiful (Eminem), Lithium, Arbata (tea in english, by a lithuanian song writer Mykolaitis), Paint it black, Touch me (doors)… I have so many favourites. 

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guys. Which photo is better? It’s stupid to ask, but I just carn’t choose. Both aren’t very pretty. 


or second?

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"if you were a fruit what would you be?" 


I’m SO  full of food. Happy Easter ^^

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The Beatles Girls P&B + Textures


close your eyes |  


close your eyes |  




↳ the beatles & brian epstein at the carl-alan awards, 1964. [x

awwww cuties ♥

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The definition of Irony. 



The definition of Irony. 


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that one time i turned the beatles’ cover art into emojis

this is so cool